Sometimes, I honestly feel that my boss is not fit as CEO of his own Startup. I do not completely support some of his ideas and I feel very strongly that the company will eventually crash if he continues to be that way

  • Well, if he is the CEO and the founder, you can’t change him. After all, he made it, he took his own risks and he owns the business. He is free to run it as he wants. If you do not agree and don’t believe in it, you just have to find another job. Why would you have any right to change things if you are neither the CEO nor a founder ? Just because you feel it would be better ? You can only tell him what you think, no more.

  • Can you not run with his concept and do it your way

    if your way is better ? Or you don’t have ” a your way”.

    You’re just critical ?

  • It’s easy to criticize when you’re not in the position. Have you ever led your own team before?

    You can’t be a great leader without being a good follower. Either follow him off the plank or hijack the dingy and find another ship.

    This confession is vague. Maybe you were venting. Tell us more about ways or mistakes he’s made that makes you lose faith.

    I find that several people who aren’t in business or have no business backing always think they know better because they read articles or read an autobiography. Not trying to harp on you, but it’s really tough when you don’t have examples.

  • He has it been running it all till now , investing and still running . May be he is not satisfied with what he is getting , so might be taking more risks . Those risks may seem to you foolishness . But its his , he wants more or eventually he may even shut it down .

    You can just advice him and let him know your point of view .

  • It’ simple.

    You can talk to him and share your ideas and see how he likes them.

    Or you can quit the job and start a competing startup with your own ideas.

    Or you can find another job which may make you more happy.

  • So what have you done about it? Complain here anonymously? If this is all you have done… you are worse. You need to be assertive.

  • As a CEO and founder of my own start-up, I am finding that as I am taking on more people, they all seem to have their opinions of how things should be done, yet none of them have the slightest experience in the industry and cant see the bigger picture.

    They often complain they don’t know what I’m doing, well by the time I stop what im doing to bring them up to speed, they’re already behind, because i’m so far ahead, its really a waste of my time. They should be happy i give them jobs and trust that I know what is best for my own company, which I care about more then any emplyoee does, and obviously knew enough o find the market and everything else to make this happen. So they can stfu or walk, under nda non-compete. Suddenly when your putting a great idea into action everyone thinks they know whats best, but they werent the ones who made this happen.

    • That is a horrible attitude to have. ‘They weren’t the ones who made this happen?’. Relax your ego, dude. You are the one hiring these people. Aren’t you paying them for their input? As a CEO, shouldn’t you be putting them at ease, reasserting your knowledge? You should be happy that they are working for YOU, not the other way around.

  • Been there, seen that and regret I didn’t trust my instincts and earlier leave the mess. If you are not on a same page with CEO there is no way you can work there and give your best. You got to believe in things to be able to execute them smoothly. Everything else is just suffering and it might affect your health too.

    AND hoping that VCs will sort things out and change this mad CEO was also a bad thought and time waste.

    Again trust your own instincts and look for a better fit company.

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