Somedays I look around at the success others are having and wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong. Am I not hustling hard enough or do I just suck at what I'm doing?

  • Confirmation bias. There’s 1000x more people slaving away trying to figure things out to get that overnight success than the stories you read about in the media. If somethings not working, keep making changes until it starts to work.

  • Maybe neither. Overnight success takes years, but entrepreneurs like to create a narrative that it was easy for them because that way they look exceptional.

    It may take 3 years, 5 or even 10 before you get any sort of success. That’s just the way it is. As long as you’re learning from your mistakes and know what you have to do in order to get closer to your goals everything should turn out alright.

  • Not knowing anything about you, or the business you’ve in, perhaps just working hard is simply not enough? Maybe you’re in the wrong business? Maybe the product or service you offer doesn’t appeal to a wide enough audience? Only you can answer these questions. Try a different approach. But the most important thing…(and I want to emphasize this), The MOST important thing, is to never give up. EVER! Don’t give in to self doubt. It kills your ambition, A great man once said, without faith, you can do nothing. Faith in your product, faith in your service, faith in your own intelligence and abilities will take you farther than you’ve ever dreamed. Have faith in yourself first, and you can do anything.

  • Your never going to be happy if you are comparing yourself to others. Everyone has there own pace. Do you believe in your product? Are you growing professionally? It’s ok to fail if you KNOW that you have tried everything and things don’t come together. Successful people know that failure is all part of the game. Sometimes they have to fail 2 to 3 times MORE than the average person who fails.

    Remember, not many people can fall into a pile of shiat and get up smelling like roses. Losing is the game you have to play in order to win.

    In Baseball during one year the record for the most stolen bases was this; Ty Cobb grand total was 164 attempted/ 64 stolen. Max Carrey had 54 attempted/ 51 stolen.

    Who is more successful?

    Ty Cobb of course, because he stole more bases. Carrey would only try if he saw an opportunity. Cobb is more successful because he is the person that tried the most. The point is, that Cobb wasn’t afraid to fail because he failed more in order to win.

  • Most everything in life is about timing, assuming you’re not a moron and have a work ethic. Some people get lucky and the timing is right when the commit their first hour, others take years – even decades – before the market finally moves. You should read histories of people in the sciences; I can’t begin to tell you how long theories were ignored. Darwin waited 12 years before his idea of evolution (a word he never used, btw) found an audience.

    Things take time. As long as you keep side hustling you’ll catch a break. At least you have a greater chance of catching break.

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