Since becoming parent I see less and less sense in most of the technology being pushed nowadays. Every day I ask myself what I can do to leave a better world to our children, and that's not yet another smart marketing tool, a cool AI or an awesome VR

  • Very insightful of you and a terrific outlook. I’ve raised 3 kids since surviving the dotcom bust of 2000. American school system is a very outdated delivery model that needs to be disrupted (hint: it’s based on the old German model of teacher speaking and students listening and writing notes). I keep telling my kids: my generation helped create the Internet, it’s up to your generation to bring education into the 21st century/new millenium (since they complain about it ALL the time 😉

  • Stop looking at the tech and, instead, look at the problems that could be solved by using them. Its really NOT as easy as throwing VR at a classroom… but there are so many processes around the education environment that need some form of tech to make a difference to the process or the outcome.

    I am currently busy doing exactly that in my startup and the feedback has been all about the amazing process rather than how cool the app is.

    Ignore the tech. Make the concept work.

    Stolen from a youtube video: “If you’re challenged by a chicken and egg scenario in your startup… fake the chicken.”

    Good luck

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