I recently let an employee go after I found out he was a conservative. In Silicon Valley, no less.

  • I don’t see the problem. Having hatred like that around can ruin an organization’s momentum, or sometimes sink the company.

  • Doesn’t matter if they are a good employee… gay? – fire them. straight? – fire them. liberal? – fire them. pregnant? – fire them? douchbag? – Promote to CEO.

  • next time try building strength through diversity.

    i work at a company where we agree to disagree and to work together to build a team.

  • From an outsider America says it has freedom of speech but it actually doesn’t. If you have an unpopular belief the PC police will tear you down, shame you and vilify you in public.

    Yeah the govt lets you say whatever you want. But the liberals will totally f you up.

  • Was it a family member you sacked? Otherwise you could be sued all your start-up is worth? Word of advice never fire anybody, restructure the position. The PC police will get you sooner or whenever the need arises to suit their cause.

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