The problem we picked was technically way too hard and beyond my depth. As a tech-cofounder I've been getting three hours of sleep a night because every problem I fix causes three other unexpected ones.

  • Although, My situation is not same as yours but I hope this might be helpful.

    I am a science graduate, now getting a master’s degree in CS.

    I am working on an idea that is capable of solving frustration of students while saving tons of paper.

    I found that idea was too big for me and I spent several months just thinking and working on it while getting various new problems daily after sleepless nights and finally I left it undone.

    I decided to work again on it but this time I limited my work hours and spent rest of time reviewing things again and again.

    I divided my problem into six parts ( in my case) and focused on only one at a time while forgetting others and now I am happy because I have done two of them and working on third

    I don’t know whether this will help you or not. I thought my situation was somehow similar to but not as big as yours.

  • I’ve been there. In fact I spent the first two years of my startup working 18-20 hours a day 7-days a week. It’s not a good place to be, but just remember the challenges are only temporary. In my case I also had to make some difficult decision by getting rid of developering very close to our launch deadline, which added even more stress – but looking back it was the right thing to do, just wish I had done it sooner as their poor work (and inability to think though what they were doing) was the real casue of our technical problems.

    As the poster above has already suggested, you should try to split your problems (as a techhy you’ll be familiar with seperation of concerns, just apply it to real-life!) and take one thing at a time. Try not to let things overwhelm you, and make sure to take decent mental breaks away. Finally, I would suggest writing down your tasks/issues on paper, work on one at a time, and cross them off as they are resolved, it will help keep you focused and is also motivating to review what you have achieved.

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