Our startup won't be able to pay salaries this month. I can't sleep for the last 3 months. Alcohol helps. I've been pushing for progress (product, sales, investment), but people don't seem to grasp the situation. CEO – the shittiest job in a startup.

  • I hope you’re not blindsiding your employees with this bad news. It sure sounds like you’ve hidden from how dire the situation is, because there is not a person on this planet who doesn’t grasp that “no money = no salaries”.

  • I feel you. When I have 4 or less months of salary in our bank account I stop sleeping entirely. In factI have an emergency plan for when I have 2 months of salary left, and it involves letting go of most of the team and extending the remainder to 4 months.

  • True, it’s the shittiest job. But it’s just like risk <> reward, the shittiest job gets the highest chance of getting the biggest reward.

    Good luck and keep on pushing.

  • Try to replace Alcohol with sport. It gives you the same results – better feelings. It won’t solve your troubles but it’s still better outcome than alcohol! 🙂

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