I never had many friends, and I think working on my own Startup is making me more of a loner. Sometimes I wonder if I should get into a big company just to spend more time around people.

  • I have friends who ask me out for activities and I always find stupid excuses to decline. I find coding a lot more fun than hanging out. I almost find this more appealing than dating though it would depend on the date of course lol.

  • Here’s an idea I’ve been thinking of implementing when I settle into a new city: even If you don’t need the money, how about a part time job like at your neighborhood coffee store? Get early morning shift for 1-2hrs daily, which forces you to set routine, interact with people, get energized for rest of the day. Alternatively, an exercise grp that meets at least 2-3x mornings per week. I prefer mornings because I’m too tired at end of day.

    Also join a social/hobby group that meets 1x weekly in social setting (happy hour, lunch, etc).

  • LOL. i have 6 friends all with 6 different companies trying to finish beta testing and launch. We’ve all neglected our social lives. Heck, we’ve probably even neglected some grooming and hygeine, but there’s no better feeling than to see a theory come to be a tangible product. I can tell you, I’ve had friends, lovers, relationships, and jobs in the past and I felt lonely in a crowd of people that just didn’t get the ‘weird’ girl. I’ve never felt more alive trying to create my own product and being an entrepreneur. Hang in there buddy. you’ll be fine.

  • Co-working spaces can help with that feeling. Generally better than a coffee shop and you get that adult contact you need.

  • Totally agree. But what you can do is meet new friends

    . People who are entrepreneurs.. believe me you will have more to talk about.. And when you do have time. You can meet old friends.

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