Need some advise to protect my early stage tech startup from copycats

Would nondisclosure agreements with freelancers I work with, protect me? Should I bother with trademark registration at this early stage? We should have an MVP soon.

  • At the earliest stages NOBODY will copy you even if you go to a hackathon and shout it at the top of your lungs. Once you got traction, the copycats will fall from the sky. By then your competitive advantage is that you’ve learnt a lot about the space and these guys only know about what you’ve done.

    Though if you can’t out execute them, then perhaps it might be time to bring in new talent.

  • How do you promote a product and protect it at the same time ?

    Concepts can not be patented either.

    Kind of like the chicken and the egg thing -huh ?

  • Don’t listen to bs about your idea can’t be any good so no one will steal it. It is pure jealousy and hatered from people that wish they either believed as much in their own idea or that their ideas were ever good enough.

    I see it all the time at tech hangouts and incubators. Everyone is out for themselves, and as an entrepreneur you must be about yourself first.

    Learn how to protect your ideas and to file provisional patented that start the ball rolling in your favor.

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