My investor is too smart & too hot. If we weren’t doing business together we’d be boning all night.

  • a true dilemma. one way out (the riskiest) is to communicate about it and deal with it together. If being honest and transparent ends the business relationship, the alternative of pretending the issue doesn’t exist will likely cause it to go sour too. However it turns out there will be indelible lessons learned. . Check in with your core values and make your decision based on what is most aligned with said core values.

  • You sound very immature and really shouldn’t be founding any enterprise that directs other people’s livelihoods or investment. Agree with earlier poster… Thanks for setting us back further as women in this business.

        • It doesn’t matter the gender. It’s about the respect you have for yourself and the other person.

          when you let the ID take over, you’re unable to make rational decisions. So either way, if OP took the money because there was sexual tension, what does that say about OP? If the investor gave the money based on sexual tension, what does that reinforce? Either way, not good business…

  • OP doesn’t mention gender nor sexual orientation.

    I’m glad you’re able to respect boundaries OP! Good for you!

    I disagree on some comments. It doesn’t set women back 50 years for people to find us attractive for being smart! 50 years ago, my grandma was turned down for a job at the same factory as my grandpa, even though she is 10x smarter, because she would “distract” the men.

    And if OP is a woman, and yes, she does sound a bit young, but we should be acknowledging she’s navigating some relatively new social situations. And in no way should she be blamed for setting women back for experiencing some unexpected attraction.

    I’m a woman, and a sexual assault survivor, yet I’m growing very tired of this ‘be asexual’ order from other women. That’s not feminism, that’s just cruelty.

    It’s fine if those are your rules, you have the freedom to not be attracted to as many people as you wish. But you can’t tell people to stop finding other adults attractive, for any reason. Imagine if at a startup conference a speaker said, “You are not allowed to find people sexually attractive once you run a business. You must be totally turned off emotionally and physically so that you can be rational.”

  • Sexual attraction is totally an indicator of powerful business chemistry. Have been there, to the point where an indicator of whether or not I should work with someone is whether I start to feel hot for them. Ride those energetics without acting on it.

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