My Chinese parents said I don’t have the necessary genes and I should never try business

  • Practice meditating where you visualize what your parents say coming into one ear and out the next. The only way to find out if you’re good at X = is to try, and more than once.

  • Find accomplished Chinese business people to use as an example. There are lots of stories of people coming from nothing – Chinese or not – and making something of themselves. Ignore your parents – they insulted you and themselves.

  • My catholic mother told me I would go to hell if I didn’t leave my boyfriend. We are married now, and quite happy. The thing is, being gay may be a genetic thing, but starting up a company is not, it just takes will and decision. Don’t listen to them and just go for it!

    • Starting a company might not be genetic, but I think succeeding at one is partly genetic, although the threshold is very low. For instance, I doubt that someone with an IQ below 75 could create a successful company; think about your average athlete for instance; very few of them are smart enough to make a successful company.

      • I don’t know what kind of athletes you hang out with (most likely none at all), but I’ve know quite a few who were quite smart. And I don’t find them to be exceptional cases. You must be really chubby.

        • LOL! I’m not chubby and I’m basing my opinion off of the majority of athletes that I’ve interacted with. A few are smart or of average intelligence, but most of them are dumb as rocks.

          For every Peyton Manning there’s dozens of Vince Youngs.

  • Since the question is genetic….. How many relatives do you have, in business or who have started a business ?


  • If you are an entrepreneur then you will listen to your parents buy do the business you believe in anyway. People will tell you 1000 times it will not work but entrepreneurs do it anyway. Everyone love to say NO, because they are not brave enough to tell themselves to do it anyway.

    So do it anyway.

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