A why must I cry moment: When inbound interest for dev position says they use Drupal (ugh!).

  • Yea, lots of companies use Drupal, WordPress, etc. because they figure it’s easier to build on those content management systems rather than start from scratch. They don’t realize that it makes any engineers life a pain in the ass.

      • Because most of you (not all) write bad code.

        Because the language makes it easy to write bad code, and hard to write good code.

        Because PHP feels like the lowest common denominator.

        I could be unfair, I’ve barely written a few lines of PHP (though I use some 5 other languages on a regular basis). That’s just my perception.

        • I think this guy writes in cold fusion or asp .. All the cold fusion hold outs make fun of php

          Which of course is insanity itself. Php rocks. Drupal sucks – and it’s easy to tell who does bad php code, just like its easy to tell who does bad JavaScript

          • You can do everything in php that you can do in another language. There are no limitations with php. There are bad programmers who use every language; it’s just that most people program in php, which is why php gets a lot of hatred from programmers of other languages.

            The great thing about php is that it’s so well documented, and the community is so large, that it’s very easy to figure things out and find help if you need it, whereas more obscure languages like Ruby, Python, etc. tend to have small communities.

      • Php is a great language. Don’t let the newbies who don’t know any better rain on you.

        The lamp stack is the most versatile, scalable and accessible stack out there. Bar none.

    • I’m a racist against rails developers precisely because rails developers tend to have this same snobbish point of view. It’s also the reason I’ll never touch that shitty language

  • Having lived thru perl, CF, ASP, .Net and now Rails (after trying Drupal), I would say PHP (MVC) is probably a good choice if you find a real developer and not a “brochure app” company.

    CF was great for a while in the 90’s.

    ASP & .Net was awesome for 10 yrs, but was expensive (licensing) and now more for enterprise.

    Drupal is good for base site, but older code and not easily scalable due to too many legacy queries.

    Rails is great, but VERY hard to find available developers due to high demand and limited talent (I had go overseas).

    PHP is stable, has big community and lots of good developers to choose from.

    Same with Java.

    It’s hard to choose the right tool for the job — many times I second guess myself and think I should’ve gone back to .Net (now MVC) or PHP.

    If you find a programmer you can trust, then don’t worry about which language, just go with it.

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