I love my job as an entrepreneur, but there are times when I doubt myself and ask myself “Why didn’t I just take that job at __(fill in any MNC here)___? That would have been MUCH easier.” Such thoughts make me feel guilty and shameful

      • Haha originally from over there as well. Started my career at an “MNC” but went the startup route first by working for one, then founding one… no success yet and yeah I feel sometimes miss working for a big business. 9-5. Come in, grab coffee, check email, work, 1.5hr lunch, walk over to co-workers cubicle, chat a bit, work till 5, go home and repeat. No stress No worries. Weekends all mine to do as I please without worries about business and shit.

  • Unless you love what you do- quit. Your chance of success is minimal and a steady paycheck wih upward mobility is smart- not shameful

    • That’s assuming they don’t love what they do – check their first sentence.

      This is a pretty natural thought – most entrepreneurs are highly driven and no matter WHAT you are doing, you’re always going to think it isn’t enough. It’s true a larger and “safer” job would be much less stressful, but it also comes with baggage too that you likely wouldn’t enjoy. There is no perfect answer other than to try to do what you truly love and enjoy. Don’t settle.

      • Thank you for the support! It’s great to talk online b/c in real life I almost NEVER show my doubts/hesitation because it’ll drag down team morale, which I think makes this process a bit more challenging.

        I started this for a reason and I agree, settling would be far worse and lot more stressful than the stress I am feeling now. Thank you thank you!

        • Not only that but remember this. When you wake up, you answer to those and those you’ve deliberate surrounded yourself with (your coworkers). You or like-minded people chose them to help you with your vision. Be self-aware, but be very aware of the tendency to over-criticize yourself. It’s easy to go from help self-criticism to “you’re going to be a failure, just quit now” in 0-60 flat. My best bit of advice would be to have someone to talk to that never hears about the business. They’re likely to notice negative thought patterns over the long-term and I think having a 3rd party call you on your shit (more or less) is invaluable, both to regulate yourself as well as ensure you always have a place to never deal with your start-up, your “safe-space” away from it all, so to speak.

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