I live with our CEO, he’s been “getting ready for beach season” and taking a lot of supplements. He tells me about his shits every day and I’m legitimately concerned for his health.

  • You should learn something about fitness/bodybuilding/the human body. There is nothing wrong with taking supplements (creatine, whey, fish oil, vitamin d – being the four major and most studied supplements to good health). There is also nothing wrong with getting ready for beach season, I’m guessing you mean he’s cutting weight because it’s almost summer. People who lift for aesthetics go through bulk/cut seasons, you bulk over the winter and you cut in spring for the summer.

    You need to be at 10-12% bodyfat for your abs to show unflexed. There is nothing to be concerned about, the problem is you’re inferior to him and now your subconcious is leaking. Try researching and implementing a routine for yourself, it takes amazing effort to be consistent for 2-5 years, which is when the results start coming. You should be disgusted with yourself and your jealousy that you would be concerned for his health when he is more than likely more healthy than you by a factor of 10.

    If you’re trying to accuse him of steroid use (just because he has muscles doesn’t mean he’s on AAS), you should then go and research steroids. There is nothing wrong with taking steroids. Stop believing the main stream media hype. I would personally never take them, but I’m smart enough to know that there are 0 deaths directly related to steroid use. The media tries to claim roid rage and heart/liver issues, but look at the medical studies. Our olympic teams back in the days used to take steroids to compete with the Russians, now it is taboo because of the baseball steroid era. Steroids are used for many health reasons, but when you use them for bodybuilding (or sport) it is unfair and bad. Your post pissed me off, you sound like a wimpy little nerd without a clue. Try researching next time you nerd.

    • Also I should add : there is a reason he’s the CEO and you’re not. He is simply more motivated in life to do great things, it’s no easy task to sculpt a great looking body. Of course he wants to show it off for beach season. You probably look like a walking praying mantis with your skinny jeans and body, eat some food and get in the gym, stick.

      • Agree with the first part of the comment. With the second one not so much. Just because he’s more motivated in work related stuff doesn’t mean he’s more motivated in life.

        I’m super motivated when it comes to work, am the CEO of my company, and I love to work. But to be quite honest, I’m not in the least motivated when it comes to forming a family for example, I never invest in my relationships. My best friend, on the other hand, works hard on his family and is awesome with his kids, but prefers a quiet job. I wouldn’t say he’s less motivated than I am, he just puts his energy into other stuff.

        • Very bad analogy. Being a CEO is rare. Spending years in the gym to make yourself look good is rare. Having a family is not rare, it’s like the most common thing someone can do. Not having to depend on another human being to make it through the day is the rare part. There is nothing special about “finding a partner” – every shmuck who ever lived generally finds one. It’s usually the least impressive people that go on to procreate many times over. So yeah, bad analogy.

    • Must be quiet difficult to run a startup when they have to eat 4-8 self prepared meals per day, the workouts, resting periods. Shakes, supplements and mood swings in the cutting phase. Let’s get back to startup chatter 🙂

      • First off, educate yourself: (I’m the poster who made the big post above and the reply under it) No one prepares 4-8 meals a day. Science has debunked the myth that you have to eat many meals spread out throughout the day to absorb different levels of protein, etc. Most people who are cutting (that is, intentionally losing weight but at a controlled rate to limit muscle loss) follow whats called Intermittent Fasting, which is a small 1-3 hour eating window followed by a 21-23 hour fasting window. You can eat every calorie you plan to consume in one sitting, your body doesn’t care. The important thing is to be consistent with your daily calorie intake (compared to your TDEE, or the total energy you spend everyday) and factoring your macro totals in. There are certain minimums for grams of fat and protein each day. (If you’re interested, fat is roughly 0.4g/pound lean body mass, protein is roughly 0.8g/pound lean body mass).

        Drinking protein shakes are not necessary, it’s a SUPPLEMENT. If you’re not getting X grams of protein per day from the food you’re consuming, then by all means drink some whey. Protein is protein. Hit your macro totals however you can and you’re fine. Supplements, yes eating a multivitamin, vitamin d, or fish oil pill sure is tough to do!! Ahhh how will I remember to eat some pills that are great for me on a daily basis?? There’s no way you could ever balance creating a company and taking a few pills!

        Cutting sucks, mood swings though? Get real. Maybe if you have the constitution of a fish, you seemingly can’t grasp that others are able to balance these things and push themselves to higher levels than you can imagine. If you ever see a ripped dude, just realize he spent years of his life to get there and every bit of it was hard work and pain, but he battled for it. Same way a CEO battles for his company hoping to build something great. Experience in life is broad and you take lessons from where you can, maybe instead of exercising your fingers on the keyboard you need to get into the gym and exercise your body and mind.

        • Calm down brother. All that energy you are burning up writing these responses could have been invested in some squats. I’m off to the gym 😉

        • Hey! OP here, I’m actually quite aware of the health effects of supplements and steroids (I’m a powerlifter, both are common within my gym).

        • you’re an idiot, intermittent fasting is not a good way to cut. None of the top level bodybuilders (who compete around 3-5% BF) do stupid shit like intermittent fasting

  • To steroids apologist: research has shown that negative side-effects of steroids include excessive rage and shrunken sexual organs. So GTFOH with the its safe BS. Otherwise, I agree with others, take your discussion/rants to the kitchen, and leave us with the boring startup tales.

    • 0 deaths ever related to steroids. Medical communities use steroids to treat illnesses and ailments, but for personal use it’s bad!

      Infinitely more likely to die drinking an energy drink than pricking yourself with AAS everyday of your life. Roid rage is a media invented term, and shrinking nuts aren’t permanent.

      Deal with it, you stick figure.

      • Yawn I’m surrounded by healthcare industry: ‘roid rage IS real. Could tell you a few stories, but don’t let me burst your angry bubble. Of course you don’t care; your potential role is perpetrator (ie ‘roid-enraged abusive spouse), not abuse victim (abused spouse). You come to ER & psych units, evaluate cases, etc then tell me its not real. Oh, and shrinking nuts can be permanent, along with damaged fertility.

    • PS if you ever talked like that to me IRL I’d pound you into the ground, then break your keyboard so mommy would have to buy you another one.

  • Am I the only person who finds it hilarious and yet familiar how a body obsessed guy is talking about his shits every day?

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