All my life I’ve defied structure and authority. It drove me to Silicon Valley to become an entrepreneur. Now I hate and defy the Silicon Valley culture too.

  • Has your company launched?

    In my experience, VC culture is kind of all flashy lights. I can see why you would think that.

  • What is it that you hate about the Silicon Valley culture?

    You still can be a promising entrepreneur or visionary and not be part of the Silicon Valley. It might just be a structure you don’t need…

  • I agree. I can’t stand VC culture. There are plenty of other places to get capital. I raised $25mm with zero from VC which I’m very happy about.

      • Private money. Get a good investor relations firm who deal with early stage ventures. They will shop you around to non-VC private money, open many doors for you. If not a IR firm a good broker / investment bank that does this. They take a fee, it’s well worth it.

          • +1

            Interesting. What is their typical fee?

            I am working with a top oil and gas attorney who has a connection to a guy who can get me $15MM.

            Will cost $25k for the guy to do his report on my company then put i to his 6000 member rolodex of high-worth private individuals.

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