I just decided to move on from my start up. Life was hard and it was not going anywhere. My fiancee was very supportive when I was making that decision. Now that I have made a decision to move on, she thinks I am good for nothing. Hurts.

  • Hey man. I don’t know you or your fiance, but let me throw out this possibility: maybe she doesn’t think you are good for nothing, but maybe you feel that way about yourself and you are projecting that onto her? If she really was that supportive when you were making the decision, it doesn’t make a lot of sense that she would now feel this way about you.

    PS. You’re gonna be fine.

  • Maybe to her having the startup with exciting and sexy when it came up in conversation. Now its going to be oh its over we moved on from that. The dreams of riches are over and she knows it.

  • She sounds like a cunt. I’d ditch her if I were you. Good for nothing? Just because your startup failed? Or because you decided to move at the right moment? At least you tried, if she fails to see that, she was just investing in your success and not in you as a person. I insist, ditch her.

  • Hey people fail all the time. Business, startups and all – there are ruthless, shrewd people out there. That last thing you need is being emotional rather than professional. Love her – YES… but just enough and if she was there in the beginning, I’m pretty sure she’ll be there. Pick yourself up and go to the next project – surround yourself with like minded people.

    Hope this works

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