I’ve got a fire in me that grows every day. People around me can only fan the flames.

  • I recently broke my leg, lower-fibula, while walking over a snow/ice pile back from the pub last week. Thought it was just a sprain so, went to meetings and worked all day until the pain became too much and i had to go to the hospital. Turns out is was broken. So, they gave me a few pain killers, splint said to follow-up in a few days, i kept working those few days running around going to meetings, the pain killers made it possbile. Come to find out, at the follow-up, after taking the splint off my leg was every color of the spectrum now and swollen very badly, if i didn’t go home and elevate it for the next few days, i was at risk of a lethal blood clot, or amputation. So, i went right to elevating it….in my bed rest, i stopped working and just thought about life, then figured i needed some healing. I went to youtube and looked-up Tibetan healing bowls….just go to sleep to them and wake up to them, or even just relax. As entrepreneurs, we are all well aware of frequencies and energies in rooms, try out letting these frequencies get to you, maybe switch it up with other ones also. It takes time, but it has an effect. As you know, anything worth it takes time. Seriously though, try listening to some of these frequencies on you own, awhile you do that, allow yourself to breathe out all of the negative inside you and dont be afraid, the positive frequencies from the speakers wil cancel it out. after all the negative it out, continue the speakers to keep that energy in the room. Stones also carry a frequency (ex. quartz in watches) maybe find a stone with a frequency to aid you in what you seek and wear it : )


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