I’ve developed obsessive compulsive behaviors as time has gone by while I work on my startup. It eats up my time but I believe is otherwise harmless. Is this just a coping mechanism that I should expect to sort itself out?

  • All of us cope with startup stress in different ways, whether it’s drinking or exercising or obsessive compulsive behaviors. If it’s eating up your time significantly, maybe you should look into seeking help. Personally, I don’t get OCD but I can get into a negative feedback loop, so seeing a therapist (who I’m able to dump all of my startup problems and stress on, rather than dumping all of it on my loved ones) has been really good for me.

  • A therapist can help, but so can taking a walk/going to the gym, spending time with friends, etc.

    I find my OCD is in direct relation to my stress level.

  • Exercise regularly.

    Also, make sure it doesn’t get you stuck looking for perfection. That’s the path to ruin.

  • If the behaviors don’t impede on your work, relationships, or bother you or others close to you they aren’t something to be concerned about. I suspect that isn’t the case since you are posting about them anonymously.

    OCD is very common and requires a very specific treatment called CBT; with treatment most people find symptoms reduced by 60-80%. A regular therapist is NOT trained to treat OCD, you need to find one who specifically treats OCD patients. Treatment is VERY short term and you can have remarkable results in 4-6 weeks.

    You may find that OCD is worse in times of stress. Relaxation techniques, exercise, proper diet etc. are all great and may help manage symptoms but they are not an effective treatment for OCD.

    Visit http://www.ocfoundation.org for a list of treatment providers and to learn more about CBT.

    Best wishes

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