I’ve been seeing a therapist for relationship issues and was diagnosed as a narcissist. As odd as it sounds, I was happy to hear it confirmed. It’s a behavior that I believe has helped me as a founder.

  • You likely treat people like shit too…

    Now diagnosed, unless you take steps to be conscious of this, you don’t deserve any success. You arrogant, pig-headed, entitled founders don’t deserve what you get.

    Know this… you will always, ALWAYS, get beat by level-headed, kind, persistent, role-model worthy peers. So suck on that, loser.

  • Are you sharing this because you’ve accepted your diagnosis? If so, that’s the first step towards changing– realizing that there’s something you can improve on.

    Assume that your narcissism was socially induced and that you still can change. The challenge is to make it so. Your beliefs will follow your actions.

  • If you got this diagnosis it seems bizarre that you think it is helping you. Maybe that is part of your problem. You can’t even see what is hurting you or hurting those around you.

    I was married to someone with a personality disorder and I can attest the fact that your mind will do all kinds of mental gymnastics to make this “OK” but it’s not.

    Perhaps the insulated self aggrandized ego can withstand more than a normal person can when it comes to fund raising but in terms of managing a team and working with other people, it will be your downfall.

  • That’s exactly the point about Narcissists. When they take the narcissistic test scale, they score high because they actually answer “I”m a 5 on a scale from 1 to 5 on enjoying watching the failure of others” and other similar topics. They actually don’t view it as appalling, they think this is desirable and are proud of it!

    They are true monsters. But they’ll never know it, because that is exactly the illness that they have, they believe their monstrosity is how every human is / should be. They believe these are the traits of success. As does the OP. I hope to never meet you, and if I do, I will recognize your illness in a millisecond, as I’ve been burned before. And god have mercy on the poor souls that encounter a vampire like you for the first time.

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    […] Information on that Topic: startupsanonymous.com/confession/ive-been-seeing-a-therapist-for-relationship-issues-and-was-diagnosed-as-a-narcissist-as-odd-as-it-sounds-i-was-happy-to-hear-it-confirmed-its-a-behavior-that-i-believe-has-helped-me-as-…

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