It pisses me off that most tech startup media focus on getting investments. The goal is NOT to raise money, it is to make money. Stop begging and start building, it’s embarrassing.

  • The problem is the hustlers can’t find hackers. There aren’t enough hackers that will work with hustlers. Look at the film/tv industry – hackers (directors) and hustlers (producers) have learned to work together and build block buster billion dollar projects. The hackers need to start building with hustlers.

    It takes two to bake a great cake!

      • and that’s why they keep talking about investing… Because people like you don’t know what it means ?. Go work for a real hustler. If they like you, they will break it down for you.

  • This industry has become nothing more than house flipping .

    Try to increase in value a bit then sell.

    There’s one problem though. Most of the products people think

    are good –are “worthless”. They find that out ———-a bit too late.

  • If it pisses you off you fundamentally don’t get how silicon valley investing and the startup work.

    Venture backed companies need high growth. So they need to be in the press constantly to keep the hype going. Investors only invest in companies that are growing fast. Which companies grow fast? Those that know how to get constant media coverage.

    It’s all interconnected. The startups seek buzz to get growth. The media cover startups that are hot to maintain their relevance. VCs funnel the money in to keep the carousel going.

    The system wouldn’t work otherwise. That doesn’t mean the system is good (it obviously isn’t), but you can’t single out a single element (the media) and blame them for the strange (and seemingly nonsensical) dynamic.

    • Yeah but it still does not work, you can have all the hype but if the product sucks it will flatline, stop, and close. I have to agree with OP, all because that is the way things are being done now, does not mean its working. Investors really should be thinking about long term value. If you think the startup world is about quick builds and exists good luck actually winning. The chances are slim and investors are just dumb and think because company a did this we can do it as well.

      I’ve seen many promising long term investment companies get turned down for me too business that flopped.

      You only should get funding to expand not keep operations running. Your product should be able to cover operation costs.

  • I agree and feel that funding in general has been glamourized to a point where start-ups are all about getting funding and people forget there also needs to be business activity – with the no.1 goal of profit – anything else is just a charity.

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