I’m working writing code for a guy who I know is full of shit and has no chance of succeeding. Ever. But he pays well, so what the hell?

    • Basically, what he does is building a copycat out of every startup that gets a good exit (ie Whatsapp). The problem is he just pays a developer or team of developers to code it, and then tries to get an investor on board. He doesn’t have a business structure, or a marketing team. He’s also not interested in doing improvements to the product, just copy it.

  • I find it happens a lot people tell me they have an idea and are sooo close to getting funding pay well for the first couple of months and then drop off the radar! Take it while the getting is good I say as before I was screwed over way to many times by being nice

  • Just because you don’t like someone does not mean they won’t succeed. They might know something you don’t. You might be completely right, only time will tell.

  • Regardless of your thoughts of this person, either stay and do your job or don’t do your job and leave. Just don’t sabotage the guy. It sounds like you don’t like or respect him. So maybe it is time to go to greener pastures?

  • I wonder if the customer guy is somewhere else saying “My code for the project is being written by a guy who I know is thinks I’m full of shit and that my project has no chance of ever succeeding. But he’s paid and is delivering, so just stick it out until finished then hire a fulltimer that cares right? I have 100 other things to worry about. Good thing he’s only on contract”.

    Professionalism means doing the best of your expected abilities regardless, once you’ve signed on. You weren’t hired for your feelings or opinion on the client or his industry, which you probably have no domain expertise in.

    • Absolutely, I’m a professional, and have no intention of doing a low quality job. I just know it won’t get him anywhere. Btw, as I’m an ethical guy (with experience as a founder) so I have shared my view (in more polite terms) with him and offered a solution to, what I believe, is his biggest problem. He stuck to his view and asked me to stay anyway, so I did.

  • I’ve worked at more than one startup where the CEO’s ability to BS literally got the company funding, partnerships or an exit.

  • If you’re happy with the amount you’re being paid and you find the work rewarding on some level, then you might as well keep doing it. However, long-term this doesn’t sound like a good working relationship and even if the pay is excellent, eventually you’re going to need to find other people to collaborate with – people who have respect for your experience and opinions, and give you work that allows you to progress and develop. So just use this period to start looking around for other opportunities…

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