I’m selfish. I’m not a “founder” so I don’t raise funds. No one is asking but I could get us named VC funds. Founder is raising funds ok but I might be able to leverage my network. I only want to do that if I’m also a founder. I am the only coder.

  • Keep your networks for your possible future startup. If the founders are raising funds by themselves let them do it. Keep your life options open. If this business fails your vc network might not want to bet on you again.

    • I agree with the person above. If you raise funds from your network and the startup fails then you’ve hurt your ability to raise funds from your network of contacts in the future, possibly for your own startup. Don’t do it unless you’re in charge; you are not being selfish.

  • Two separate issues: First, don’t put yourself in someone else ‘s ownership matters. Second, your network is for your use, the upsides and downsides.

    Regarding the first, if you want to be an owner in the company approach the current ownership and ask if they would be open to a sale of shares to you. Once you are an owner then the second becomes relevant and at that point you (the company, because the owners discussed it) can approach a VC with your own skin in the game.

  • OP: Insightful feedback; I expected affirmations of my selfishness but didn’t expect the above. I feel less guilty for some reason. Full discloser: I do have equity negotiated given low salary but I really want to be a “founder”. Another problem for another day I suppose. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • I’m actually also a little surprised hearing the above responses. I personally wouldn’t expect that this could hurt your own network. In the end, all you show is that you are getting involved. If you cannot vouch for your startups founders and idea then I wonder what the hell you are doing there anyways…?

    • Put yourself in the shoes of the VCs or angels. If you’re an angel investor and someone in your network pitches you on a business that they’re working for and you invest, and that business ends up failing, you’d likely not want to trust that person again.

      It’s one thing to lose time, but losing money tends to sting, so he’ll hurt his network if he takes that risk and the startup fails.

  • OP Your kind really does piss me off. So you want to go from coder to “Founder” basically overnight? You are delusional.

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