I’m secretly hoping I will get fired from my dead end job so I can be thrust into the position of starting my business. I will admit I’m too scared to quit on my own because I have no idea how I’ll pay the rent.

  • If you are too scared to quit your job, what makes you think you will have the motivation to start your own business?

  • Here’s the definition of an entrepreneur: 1. a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.


  • There’s an inbetween. Quit your job, do freelance work and bootstrap your business after hours. It’s what I do, and it works.

    Whatever you do, be in control.

    Good luck!

  • Two trains of thought here… 1 says your side project will always be your side project, that a plan B distracts from plan A.

    The other is to keep your job and start your business on the side, or freelance to pay for it.

    I guarantee you though, if you quit your job you’ll find a way to pay the rent 🙂

  • Ignore these comments. Find a way to get a good severance/exit package from your existing job. Tell them you love working for them, see a future, yada yada – but that you know you are highly marketable and that if they have to make a choice between letting you go and someone else – that you raise your hand – only because you think you will have a soft landing somewhere else.

    I used this strategy. I know exactly how you feel and everyone manages their risk in various ways. I did exactly this. Started my startup during that period – been running it for 7 years with 7 years of 100% growth.

    Don’t let any of these people Define for you what risks you should and shouldn’t take.

    Hint-Hint my ass.

  • when I started reading your message, I was like this due is saying exactly what I have going in my head for a while now. I FUCKIN’ hate my job, I think that the whole place is full of dumb ass-kissing over-payed assholes and I wanna start up. The only thing keeping me from quitting is the fact that Im supporting my family and Im afraid that if I start up I will go a long time with little to no income, and the cash I got now wont be enough to support us.

    It sucks to wake up every morning with no motivation at all.. to take that long ride to work, so you can get there on time, but knowing that what you’ll do wont advance you in any way…

    Im looking for a way out to, I just dont have the balls to do it 🙂

  • If you are good at our job and if they love you why not try going to them and tell them “hey, I want to open a company, be my first client? We could continue on consultancy basis”.

  • Why don’t you start the business on the side, which gives you a head start, and will keep you active and engaged – and you’ll have a paycheck!

  • Build an exit plan from your current gig. First, bank as much savings as possible, to the point where you could live a year without a paycheck.

    View starting your own business as having another mouth to feed. You are barely going to get off the ground before the business will start demanding capital to grow.

  • Save. Work post office on your startup. Scale. All well? Quit. Work full time on your startup. Not Well? Repeat.

  • I believe America is beyond repair at this point. The communist infiltration that began in the early 20th century has finally established itself with such prevalence that now the average American is willing to sacrifice the rule of law and dismiss the one thousand years of political and philosophical lessons that helped James Madison pen the document that prevented domestic tyranny for over 200 years.

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    Good luck to you all, and God speed.

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