I’m petrified and I feel alone. Most days are spent with my stomach in knots wondering if this is going to work. God forbid I say that out loud or express a negative thought on a social media page though. Thank you guys so much for this place.

  • Even successful founders have this feeling, like any moment they could fail. It’s a feeling that will never go away as long as you’re running a business, but with each success it does become easier to deal with, and each failure toughens you since you realize that it’s not as bad as you thought it would be.

    Even though I’m working on a startup now that I think will be a great company, I still have a feeling every day that I’m going to fail and that the world is against me, but I just get to work to avoid thinking about it.

  • Express some of your fears on social media. It makes you real.

    Maybe some of your customers have those fears about you /company and acknowledge those fears will let the world know you are working on fixing them.

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