I'm making more money than ever but not growing … It's not satisfying at all.

  • Maybe you should look to translating your growth in your own personal areas and make an impact in something you believe in. Ex community outreach

    If you are making $ and Ienough to live on then you seem to have a proven business model and thAt is something to be proud of. The rest may just be time while you enjoy the ride and tweek things, but making it about something greater than the numbers and yourself, will be the perfect channel for growth. At the end of day, if you fail, at least you know more about yourself and that may well be a path to being a true leader that anyone would want to hire or even better yet, to try and do it again.

  • dont be afraid!

    Try to balance the level and concentrate on stabilizing your money-flow.

    Then, relax and make a plan how to grow.


  • “more money than ever” is relative.

    But when it’s enough to live healthy and secure I recommend starting to help start-ups. Not with money and not with time. It’s you experience and your know how that would help others to become successful as you.

    It’s not only a valuable “giving back”. You get new insights, fresh ideas, connections. And some time this could be very valuable for you.

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