I’m financially in the red and still pushing forward.

  • do you believe in the vision enough to keep pushing through, and do you think there will be tangible traction in the next few months to justify keeping on with it?

    if not, there’s always doing uber cab on the side. i’ve thought about doing that myself as i am getting dangerously close to the red.

  • Good. Debt is no reason not to hustle.

    Also, be aware of the age and nature of your debts. I had low 5 figures of credit card default from 2006-2008 written off the books, so that’s just GONE. Still though, 5 years later and I’m only pocketing 50k/yr pre-tax, from my company, so I’m still in the red….just gotta keep going.

    If it’s student loans, though, yeah. You’re gonna stay on the hook for those.

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