I’m close to an acquihire which will make me good money over the next 5 years. My closest business partner/company doesn’t have a clue and still promotes my startup. I have no idea which I should choose or how to tell them

    • I should add that it’s only been a side project so far and it doesn’t have any revenue yet.

      Both products are quite identical, one is B2B and the other one is B2C. I could finally work on my product full time and wouldn’t have to worry about the entrepreneurial part, feeding my family or facing bancruptcy.

      I will get money upfront, more than double of my current salary (which is already quite good) and also a commission.

      On the other hand I wouldn’t be my own boss anymore and I don’t get indefinite commission (only up to a certain amount). It is also quite possible that I can make a decent amount of money with my product, but it will probably not be the next million/billion dollar startup

      • Could you elaborate a bit on what role your business partner plays? Its not quite clear on what’s their interest in your company.

        Also how did you get the acuihire offer? Did you approach the company or did they approach you?

        At the end of the day if you feel the offer you’re getting is fair and you’re not seeing a big potential in your current idea, go ahead and take it. Then while you’re working for the acquirer, you could plan on your next big idea and save up to fund it as well.

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