I’m a woman and I don’t think my gender matters when it comes to running a company, partly because my Dad was a misogynist and pushed me to be like “a man”.

  • Gender has nothing to do with running a company, you are right. My dad is super feminist so he pushed me to be really good at math. I think our personality traits are what make us the type of people to start companies, not our gender or how our parents pushed us. My siblings aren’t running companies but they had the same type of pressure to be very successful.

    The annoying thing is, our gender may not affect how we operate but I see my gender as some sort of category I’m shoved into. I hate being labeled a ‘female founder’ – i’m just a founder. I wish it wasn’t a part of the conversation every time I am introduced.

  • You are so naive it hurts. How old are you? And how can you say there’s no misogyny when you say it’s ok to act like a man when that very state implies being a woman is unacceptable? Why the fuck is it not ok to be a woman?

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