I'm 8 months pregnant and my company is currently using my pregnancy to terminate my position.

  • That is really wrong, I am sorry you are going through this. Have you looked into any legal options? The best thing might just be to realize that these people are bad people and though it doesn’t feel like it now, it might be a blessing in disguise since they clearly don’t value their people. Find a better company that values you and your life. Good luck!

  • Lawsuit. I was founder and CEO of 150 employee company and the LAST person you let go (during layoffs) is a pregnant woman, but if your entire team/department is being “restructured” then you may not of much recourse.

    If it is just you, then let them terminate you, but DON’T sign a release & waiver, then sue (or threaten to sue). My sister was pushed out of a startup in similar situation and threatened to sue (didn’t even have to hire a lawyer). Eventually, she was paid out $80,000 by her former employer as a settlement.

  • Developed countries not offering special protection to pregnant women and infant mothers by law, an absolute embarrassment. This is not an isolated employer problem, it’s a sociopolitical problem.

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