I went into business with someone who had money but zero morals. The results were disastrous.

  • Well, don’t just leave us hanging; do tell!

    …You had to have known though, that as people ascend up the money ladder, truth/morals get inversely harder to find. #RichPeopleShit101

    • Yea, I feel like a lot of posts here are annoying for that very reason. They don’t provide enough information; just enough to peak our interest. We can’t really give a good response without knowing enough of the details.

  • Zero morals as in “office politics”/”sleeps with VCs” or zero morals as in “sells guns and drugs to fund company”? Don’t leave me hanging like this, I’m imagining a bunch of nerdy white dudes slinging on the corner in front of the coworking space.

  • Sounds like the “1 in 25” or 4% rule.

    1 in every 25 individuals you know are sociopaths or have antisocial personality disorder. Since they are incapable of empathy they cannot care if you and others are hurt when they take your equity away, call a loan on a pretext just to money whip you in court. To them business is “no limit holdem”, everyone is in the game of startups to take all the chips, their competition are the other companies in the space AND …..His cofounders.


  • That’s a lesson learned the hard way myself.

    Don’t enter a marriage or a business partnership if you don’t trust the other person.

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