I want to quit my job to run my startup! But I feel I’m not financially prepared to do so. I keep trying to advance in this one so I can make more money to be prepared. But the more I come into work the more I feel like I could be doing something for my business. I like my job and have been scouting for customers and future employees within the company but its taking time from what im really passionate about! Driving me off the walls!

  • Using your current company to scout for customers and employees is unethical.

    How would you like your future employees to do the same?

    • Agreed – Unethical! You need to quit and suffer the nights as a janitor or cab driver – or – quit and hit the ground running!

  • MODs, why are you letting a title that runs half ur page on 1900×1200 resolution go through without editting it down? jesus christ

  • Nope, you’re a wannabe.

    And lol for wanting to build a team who will commit to you, poach them from your current employer, and good luck keeping them beyond 18 months in your startup bro.

  • If your startup is that important keep your job and do it after work. If you need some one to meets clients and run the thing during the day find a cofounder or give some shares to someone. You have to find a way to fit it both in. We all have great ideas but sometimes great ideas fail.

  • Your side project will always stay just that. That’s OK if your happy with that being the case but if you want your project to be your main income earner, you have to make it your focus.

    While you’re at your day job, you’re more than likely not performing as well as you could because you’re distracted. While you’re working on your side project, you may be feeling guilty about your day job, so again not devoting your best to that.

    Make a choice and go with it. Back yourself and give it everything. If it pays off, great. If not, you did more than most people who ever have an idea.

    • Agreed.

      I quit my job several months ago to do my startup full-time. I was a solid worker and often went above-and-beyond, but towards the end my boss could tell I was sleep deprived and that my work was getting sloppy due to lack of sleep.

      My best advice would be: Don’t make your decision in an emotional, sleep-deprived state. Think long and hard about it, and make sure you have a financial safety net (AKA: savings that you won’t spend on your startup) if you do decide to quit your job. If you have a family, think even harder.

      If you decide it’s better for you to have the financial security of a job (trust me, it’s scary as hell not to have that cushion), then tone down your hours on the startup and get some sleep. Yes, successes may be slower, but it’s not cool to get sloppy with your work. Show your boss the respect you would want your future employees to give you.

      And remember that making significant money as a new startup is hard and takes time. A lot of time. It will probably take longer than you expect.

  • Decide. Likely fail. Likely fail some more. Feel like shit. Do it again. Be broke. Learn to do things the right way. Get depressed. Get pissed. Try again. That’s what you’re in for. Either do it or don’t. But know that it’s not.fucking.easy.

  • Do drive off the wall. Back against the wall! If you believe in your startup, quit your job and go for it. The success rate in any startup with a day time job is less than .01%. No investors would invest any money for a startup owner who has a daytime job. Believe me,I tried before and did not work. If you want to secure your living, don’t quit and keeps to drive off the wall!

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