I love to be alone and have time for my ideas and projects. I can’t develop any serious relationship. And I think I don’t want to. Does anyone feel the same way? It’s not a sacrifice. I just wonder if it’s normal :)

  • Let me put it this way: there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people who’ve renounced life in favor of being a monk or nun.

    I hardly think your situation is in any way supremely unusual.

  • I feel you, it is often time much more enjoyable to be with onesself than others. It allows you to grow as a person, know yourself and be able to be truly happy without depending on anyone else.

    Relationships seem to have self-interests for the most part. At one point, the other person will want to know whats in it for them and what they are going to get out of the relationship, or out of you; its selfish and self-centered. Even with good intentions, most people lack the common sense of self, only found in spending time with yourself, or “alone” if you will.

    That being said, there are a rare few who have endeavored to persevere, and are truly great amazing people, in which the relationship stimulates mutual growth. Albeit, few and far between, but if you can find the ability to be happy with just yourself, and not needing anyone else, when you do come across another it is very much worth the time spent while enjoying being on your own.

  • I love to be alone especially in the night, before to sleep. I believe that to be alone, often, is a sign to be creative person. I’m an engineer, but I love art and to read and, how to see, I have to much interests and each of these I love to do, always, alone.

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    […] Information on that Topic: startupsanonymous.com/confession/i-love-to-be-alone-and-have-time-for-my-ideas-and-projects-i-cant-develop-any-serious-relationship-and-i-think-i-dont-want-to-does-anyone-feel-the-same-way-its-not-a-sacrifice-i-just-won…

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