I love nerds but I am not one, actually my social skills are excellent and I am pretty too, I am very sociable and extrovert, I love nerds and they seem scared to talk to me, I have tried to date one and he broke up with me saying I was too happy

  • That’s your problem. It could be the overwhelming combination of happy and extrovert… Or it could be the fact that you are so simple minded that you don’t intellectually stimulate them. Clearly you’re a troll, but I had to speak my peace in case their was a girl passing by who really thought this.

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      simple minded, get on his level. There’s multitudes of “pretty” girls; what makes you so special?

      Are you even an entrepreneur?

      • Who says you have to be an entrepreneur to date a nerd? Most nerds are not, so what does that have to do with anything? And again, Happy ≠ simple minded. SMDH.

  • You have to become miserable to acquire nerd boyfriend. This is the only logical solution. Other solutions do not compute.

  • Haha nerds are mostly emo and sadistic all they do is smoke weed eat chips sip coke take a shower every month masterbute and browse reddit

    I made the mistake of hiring one such douche

  • Um, this site is STARTUPSANONYMOUS… which means that it’s anonymous start up founders and co-founders that are talking about their challenges of starting a business…

    Take your dating question elsewhere. #ferchrissakes

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    […] Find More Info here on that Topic: startupsanonymous.com/confession/i-love-nerds-but-i-am-not-one-actually-my-social-skills-are-excellent-and-i-am-pretty-too-i-am-very-sociable-and-extrovert-i-love-nerds-and-they-seem-scared-to-talk-to-me-i-have-…

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