I have an idea for a mobile app but I do not program. This is a bit embarrassing to me. I do user experience/usability work. I do not know how to look for a team and scared that if I outsource – the idea will get stolen. I’m confused on next steps.

    • I am not good at coding, nor does it interest me. not my passion so why should I force myself to do something that I don’t like. any advice is appreciated.

        • 1,000,000% incorrect, if the natural tendency and “passion” isn’t there, if it’s not even the least bit interesting, it will be absolute torture for the OP to go that route.

      • If people only did “what they liked”, they would end up no-where.

        If you really cared about your app THAT much, you would learn how to code. If not, then you probably don’t care about the idea that much, and are just in it for something else. (probably money)

  • Your fears may be founded or unfounded depending on the nature of the app. If it’s a b2c app like snapchat or meerkat you should be afraid to outsource it as you will probably be screwed by the developer.

    If it’s a b2b app or if you have some key go to market insights then chances are your developer either won’t care or won’t have the know how to get it to market so they won’t bother stealing it.

  • I am in the same situation but I had some interest in coding so am learning it now. However, if you want to get your app out there just get someone to build it, piece by piece so that they dont have the full idea.

    But I also know a lot of people who just get the apps developed by a freelancer, most of them are only interested in building the app and getting paid for it. They dont want to take the risk of marketing etc.

    • its not just an app. there is a database also that will need to be created. adding, creating, editing, all can be done in the app. its not just consuming information, its also creating it. I wish there was a place where like minded people could form teams and equity.

  • Your idea means absolutely nothing. It’s the execution of your idea that means everything so don’t worry about somebody stealing your idea. Because here’s the secret. Your idea is not original. It’s been done before. Almost every idea has been done before. Just because you may not have seen it doesn’t mean a ton of other people haven’t tried it and failed.

    But that doesn’t matter anyway, because the great founders who succeed are great at executing their idea. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Candy Crush Saga, etc. were not original ideas, but they were able to execute better than anybody in their space.

    Don’t build an idea. Build a business and execute it well.

    In terms of outsourcing developers, listen to this podcast called How To Hire Developers Without Getting Scammed. It breaks down where to find developers and how to screen and hire them even if you’re not a coder. http://traffic.libsyn.com/mobileappcoach/mac003.mp3

      • That was probably the best response to your question. You should read it again and thank whoever wrote it vs. getting defensive/offended that your idea might not be unique.

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