I am very insecure of where my business is headed. The prospect is great and all, but I feel I need more customers. Sucks feeling insecure all the time and have to “window-dress” my situation even to my closest of friends.

  • Do you have a strategy or are you flying blind? We all fake it until we make it. Everyone needs more customers – until sales pick up – and then you still want more. I find that founders that come from a biz dev background have less trouble in this regard than technical founders because they get that telling a great story is part of selling. Just make sure you don’t cross over into success theatre.

    • Yes, we have strategy. Kinda, I think. I am not a technical founder, more of a biz-dev background kinda guy. Which makes me just that scary: if I can’t do biz dev, I definitely can’t code, what can I do?

      Oh…and, what’s a success theater? Putting on a show everyday? What you said is good…I’ll give it a try even though social norms here is not kind to “failures”.

  • If you have to tell a great story of success in order to reach success, you’ll be living in fear. What would you feel like if you let yourself tell people “I think I have a f’in AWESOME idea” and it’s so f’in scary. No, I’m not like that company you read about that is worth $40B…but I really think I can make this happen (most days).”

    We’re all so broken in our “have to be an overnight success”. Running your own biz IS scary. It IS lonely. It IS risky. That’s why we do it. Keep on, keep the faith, look in the mirror – and DROP the window dressing. That’s just creating a complete lie of your life and causes people to do really tragic things to cover up shame.

    • Nice advice. But I just replied to the guy above, social norms are different here. I was educated in Silicon Valley and they’re a very open “if we fail it’s alright” type of attitude. Not where I’m located (in Asia). Asians are very judgmental of people who fail.

      But I like how you said we’re broken in that we have to be an overnight success. I do remember reading somewhere that there are a lot of good successful businesses that is not an overnight success. And even though it’s not facebook/twitter/etc valuation, it’s still hella successful and best of all, makes the founder feels content.

  • The “if we fail its alright” attitude in Silicon Valley is only true if you already have a success.

    If you don’t, failure is the same as anywhere else.

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