I am an entrepreneur. I am also a psychotherapist. I want to build a truly innovative behavioral health company. Behavioral health does not seem to show up on the ‘start-up’ radar and ‘business’ is a dirty word in the mental health world. Lonely.

  • Lots of companies in the space. Very hard sell as it’s a hard topic for most people to discuss. My advice, get measurements and checks from doctors first.

  • Don’t get discouraged…Google is your friend! Using the search terms (mental health startup) brings back these, and more.

    Web therapy: 4 startups overcoming mental health taboos with technology – https://gigaom.com/2013/05/04/web-therapy-4-startups-overcoming-mental-health-taboos-with-technology/

    SXSW Standout ThriveOn Is Making Strides For Affordable Mental Health Care – http://www.forbes.com/sites/annefield/2014/03/14/an-ipo-funds-a-mental-health-tech-startup/

    Lantern, a Start-Up, Offers Online Therapy for Anxiety and More – http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/24/business/lantern-a-start-up-offers-online-therapy-for-anxiety-and-more.html?_r=0

    Best wishes…

  • The space you’re targeting doesnt get a lot of love from the VentureBeat, TechCrunch media circus however there are a lot of Tech + Health focused start ups, accelerators (Rock Health, Aging2.0, etc), etc.

    If you have a strong background and interest targeting this space, you should go for it! These types of start ups are much more interesting to many VCs who focus on problem solving tech rather than gaming the nonsensical startups with bloated up valuations.

  • I hear you. Redefine the word business for yourself. The number one thing to remember and do in a start up, is to stop worrying about what other people think ( except for your customers) .

    This is a great idea. You will be surprised, the words Behavioral Health may be dirty, ( I do not think so at all ) but the fact of the matter is , it’s a much needed to be addressed issue. Check out Lissa Rankin. She is a traditional Doctor who turned to a holistic approach. You will be surprised how many people are on the net all day trying to find ways to heal themselves. Go for it ! you’re doing the world a favor. Haters gonna hate !

  • Nothing wrong with trying to combine entrepreneurial spirit with a personal skill.

    Just be keenly aware that scaling personal services tends to yield crappy products with lots of marketing behind them, or else creating a platform to disintermediate service providers from building long term relationships with customers.

    Otherwise business opportunities tend to just be glorified lead generation. All valuable, but may not be the altruistic goal you want to achieve.

  • Dont try to be too innovative in the beginning. Make a simple product that 5-10 people would love and could benefit from. It will get disruptive over time

    Stress is real problem for a founder so looks like a great segment. Try to ask investors/mentors/founders about stress. They will have some stories and solutions you can productize

  • would love to talk. I’ve been trying to kickstart something on the lines of behavioral health, but I’m not a psychotherapist and I do not have the background that you do. However, I see the problem and see the need for a solution. I tried contacting a lot of psychologists but none of them offered to help!

    I would love to just talk, even if nothing materializes!


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    […] Find More here on that Topic: startupsanonymous.com/confession/i-am-an-entrepreneur-i-am-also-a-psychotherapist-i-want-to-build-a-truly-innovative-behavioral-health-company-behavioral-health-does-not-seem-to-show-up-on-the-start-up-radar-and-busi…

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