We hit success and it can really be huge. I am too depressed to get out of bed many days. Faking it for a few months now. Has anyone ever come out of this? How long? Doing everything in my power to take care of myself but this is frighteningly long

  • What exactly are you facing? I think I’m in a similar boat – even though things are going well I just strugglet to focus and my productivity has plummeted. My to do list keeps getting longer and the list of things I do every day has gotten smaller.

    I don’t know why this is happening.

    • OP here, can I get in touch with any of the 2 of you please? Create an anonymous email and post it here? Please, I just need to talk with someone in the same boat, please.

        • I have been feeling this exact same thing. Will be emailing you also OP. I would really like to get some others’ views on this. It’s very hard for people – even for myself – to understand why despite things going well I’m feeling worn out.

  • Yeah, did come out of it but not without help. I had to take medication and was followed by a psychologist. Mine was a medium depression and I was able to shake it off after a few months (around 3). If it’s a depression, you need to seek professional help and there’s nothing wrong about it. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

  • Definitely go and see someone. A proper medication can do wonders in turning things around for you.

    I’m no expert, but it’s also possible that you’re experiencing some extreme burnout. This can feel an awful like depression.

  • I’m glad you took the first step by sharing it with us. You need to get help from a professional. No shame in that.

    Take care of yourself, your health matters the most.

  • This happened to me. As the company got more successful, I was pulled into a higher level management role. I didn’t realize I hated it until I quit and started coding again.

  • Thank you all for sharing. The enormous pressure of being in this industry can often be a trigger for depression. You are definitely NOT alone. There are professionals I can recommend as well as some great programs specifically for executives in the Bay Area that work with depression and addiction issues as well.

    Please reach out to me directly if you would like any referrals. I work with professionals and help them get linked to resources as part of my role with my company. http://www.constellationbh.com sklindt@constellationbh.com (real email)

  • It’s common. I was rock solid for 45 years then all of a sudden I could barely go outside. Spent about 2 months with my heart constantly at 100bpm (normally 65). Thought I was having a heart attack twice … actually, I thought my heart was playing up and I thought everything that went wrong with me was going to kill me. Felt out of control after always being in control. It was an absolute f_cking nightmare. Took maybe 6 months to get mostly under control (once I … or more the the point my Dr. worked out what it was) … sent me to a psychologist. Only 6 sessions, but I was determined to fix it having decided there was no way I was living like that for the rest of my life. I had to change the way I thought. Wasn’t easy but can be done. Meditation (yep, and it worked), and exercise were the other key things. No drugs. I was given heart beat regulation meds but I looked up the side effects and just carried them around eventually tipping them down the toilet … which was quite cathartic. I gave up coffee and alcohol for a while as they raised my heart rate and I’d raise it further worrying about this. Back on them both in earnest now. Dark time in my life but I’m fine now. Get help NOW. Your mind is more powerful than your body and it’s currently working against you. By the way, still running the same startup but with a different attitude. Haven’t been paid for 8 months but close to product release. Still no panic … must have worked. Best of luck.

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