Hey Microsoft, we recently applied to 5 of your Accelerators (10K applications, only 50 chosen) and were denied all 5 times. We’re now closing out a successful seed round. See you next year when you have to acquire us for a hell of a lot more. Cheers

  • Maybe Microsoft decided that you didn’t need the acceleration as you had a good enough team/product already.

  • Just remember accelerators associated with companies are a marketing platform first. They also serve a purpose for their lobbying.

  • Eeeenteresting that with all the other good choices out there, someone thought that much of MSFT to apply to 5 branches of its “accelerators”! Oh, and not to burst your bubble but if they thought they might want to acquire you in 1 yr, they would have definitely pulled you in.

  • Talking about selling your company in a year when you haven’t even closed the seed round and haven’t made any sale? What do you think to sell Microsoft – dreams and hopes?

  • You’ll see microsoft in a year, but it will be interviewing for a job. Seed –> Sale in 1 year doesn’t happen, unless you are dumping it. Then nobody makes $.

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