I hate how some investors suddenly stop replying to e-mails/calls (sometimes after a meeting) without letting you know they’re not interested.If by chance my next company is going to be the next Facebook, why on earth would I want to work with you?

  • Don’t be surprised. I’ve noticed that most people think only about today. Why? Because they are idiots! Just add them to the “you don’t exist to me” list and move on. And if by chance you’re the next Facebook, then when they come crawling, you tell them that they have to pay double because they were idiots.

  • We met with some investors last year, and the contact there (quite the horse’s ass) said that instead of keeping me waiting, he’d let me have an answer by Friday.

    It’s been a year and I haven’t heard anything…but then again, he wasn’t specific as to WHICH Friday.

  • Having worked at a “next big thing” “most revolutionary product in X today” company where we were “gonna be rich, quick!”, the answer is pretty clear: you’re not the next Facebook.

  • I think it doesn’t matter whether your company happens to be the next Facebook or if you go out of business in a month. Is a matter of manners. And they are fucking rude.

  • I’ve had the same thing happen to me, multiple times. Most investors are secretly terrified of taking risks. They wouldn’t invest in you unless you are a sure thing, and by then it’s too late since you’d have other, more important investors to choose from like Sequoia, Andreesen, etc.

    Most startup founders of successful companies have been turned down by investors, like for instance Instagram, Dropbox, and yes even Facebook. Don’t take it personally, but at the same time don’t do them any favors either since they aren’t doing you any.

  • Have experienced this with a potential advisor, his “great idea, I can put you in contact with _____ and _____” dissolved in to “busy now but have flagged this conversation for when I have more time”.

    It’s fine, he’s on a fairly short Don’t Need You list, we’re all hustling right.

  • Yes, this happens all the time and it sucks – it is rude.

    But VC’s aren’t the ones – everybody does this. Potential customers will do it to you all the time too. It’s simply human nature. Don’t take it personally, even though it’s frustrating. It might feel good inside to say “screw them” but the fact is you did want something from them…. think about how you can go about getting it given the roadblocks.

    ALSO – remember how you feel about them now when they DO start paying attention to you down the road. You cannot divorce the VC you ultimately decide to partner with – so remember the good AND bad when you’re considering taking their money.

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