We’re about to fire our head of marketing. Our CEO just received an email from them, 2 typed pages long, ranting about the company and their problems with it. It was the most any of us had seen them work.

  • If you are referring to just one person in the third person, using “him/her” and “his/hers” instead of “them/their” makes it much easier to understand.

  • Did they offer solutions? Did anyone? Are the problems actual problems?

    If a team member raises 2 pages worth of problems and the response is to fire them I can see why they’d let their thoughts build up over time.

    I would think twice about firing them without talking to them first. Sounds like it’s a crappy environment if the ceo tells another team member that he’s going to fire your cmo without talking to them about the problem.

    If they had cc’d a member of the press, then I’d fire them. Raising problems shouldn’t be punishable by firing – rant was probably sparked after bottling up issues for too long (because of company culture towards problem raising).

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