I finally gave up on my startup after three years. It was the only thing I've ever wanted to do and I don't even have that anymore… I just don't want to feel so worthless for the rest of my life

  • It will get better with each day, I swear.

    Did the same thing a few years back and can completely relate to how you feel at this moment.

    Take a bit of time (if you can afford it) to pull your thoughts together and decide on your next move. Find a company/product you can get behind and be a passenger.

    This will give you the mental space to clear your mind for your next venture.

    You’ll be fine.

  • I have been there too. It looks hopeless at the beginning but then out of the sudden it’s gets better again. Might take some time to get back but it’s worth it.

  • Find another awesome project. You probably don’t have the strength to do it alone, work sometime to another company. It helps to get better.

  • Sometimes you pour yourself into something that you think should work that just isn’t aligned to your strong suit. It’s ok. I know it sucks, but when you get the energy, take some time to scribble out what you did right and what you really did wrong, or could have done more of. Just because THAT startup didn’t work doesn’t mean the next one won’t. And hell, sometimes we need to realize we’d rather work for someone else. And that’s not a failure either if it provides you with the security you need.

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