I am filing an unpaid wages claim despite knowing it will lead nowhere except getting the matter on the record.

  • Good for you! The idea that somehow you should work for little to no money because you’re “changing the world” is nonsense–do you think the “founders” didn’t pay themselves out handsomely before things went south?

  • Good for you, OP. At the very least, it will be on record what type of people your bosses really are, for any future business partners/employees that look them up.

  • I’ve done this. You might be pleasantly surprised. Much, much, much later, of course. The wheels of justice grind slow, but exceedingly fine. My settlement saved my ass a year later. (during our first year of business)

  • well done not being quiet… I am still puzzled why start-up employees are so scared of battling their rights? I guess they don’t know them. It is so important to have people informed. I have no idea why all the media that covers Tech doesn’t do something about it…

    we need employment lawyers doing regular briefings on certain matters, as I found start ups totally overlooked and not regulated at all.

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