I feel unable to set boundaries with my cofounder. The startup I'm in started as a fun side project and I didn't expect it to grow so quickly. All the talk of commitment has me terrified but I don't want to let him down.

  • If you’re having second thoughts but feel guilty plan an exit transition plan. Try to figure out what you can do to help your cofounder replace you should you decide to back out.

    Startups are hard enough that if your heart really isn’t into it you shouldn’t do it. Unless of course someone is willing to dump their dough into it and you can chalk it up as startup experience.

  • It’s okay to be terrified. Embrace it. Just protect yourself so that your life doesn’t fall apart if the startup fails, but aside from that — just go for it.

    • We all are terrified. It’s what getting out of your comfort zone feels like. Sleep more. Work less. Make it breathable.

      Definitely go for it !

  • What the hell are you terrified about?? If it’s making money — GO FOR IT !

    If it’s not making money (profit), then that’s another story.

    Good luck.

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