I feel defeated. I'm sick of chasing clients for payment, worrying about business, & always being a few months from total collapse. YET, I can't imagine going to work for someone else again. Am I just weak or do others feel like this sometimes?

  • You’re not weak, but you’re probably making a bunch of strategic mistakes. If your clients are flaky you’re probably not charging enough. Charging more will fix your problems. First, you’ll get the same revenue from fewer clients leaving you less stressed. Second, clients that pay more are way more likely to pay on time every time. Third, higher quality clients will lead to better opportunities down the road.

    • Or, all his clients will leave because he’s charging too much, and he will be broke.

      There’s such a thing as charging too much.

      But, I guess that’s the kind of advice you’ll get on an anonymous internet forum.

      • I agree with the first comment.

        No market can ever be a monopoly. There are going to be companies that charge bottom line and others that charge top line. As long as you deliver on time and quality, charge more. You will filter out the good customers from the bad. Focus on giving value to your customers and generating revenue for your company. Measure everything.

        Oh, and do not listen to condescending, amatuer, self righteous douchebags who have no credentials or experience and talk out of their ass. I guess that’s the kind of people you want to avoid on an anonymous internet forum.

        • I guess the type of people you want to avoid on an anonymous internet forum are those whose view is the opposite extreme, because all decisions are binary and mine is right.

  • Well you are not alone. This is universal problem for entrepreneurs. I suggest why not charge in advance( partially if not full amount). I believe clients will agree on this. For a post payment, add a clause in your invoice about payment last date.

    Not all clients pay you equally. In very business, around 80% of revenue comes from only 20-30% of clients. So you should focus on these clients and you should be fine.

  • I also keep going out of fear to have a normal job. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, but it kept me going through all the worse possible situations.

    I guess our weaknesses (dare I say, our humanity) also makes our strength at times.

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