Me every night: why are customers so stupid? First they don't understand what I'm offering them for months. Finally, they buy anyway. But then they pay 4 weeks after deadline? Work would be really nice if the customers weren't there. #b2bInGermany

  • It’s much better in Scandinavia, and in the US/Canada/Australia/NZ. Worse than Germany for B2B sales are France, Italy, and Spain. The UK is a mixed bag. Some companies are hopeless, others are capable of coming quickly to a decision.

    We found that by raising our prices the quality and seriousness of our sales leads improved.

    • I am German and my b2b is situated in another EU country. I avoid the German market, because Germans have developed to become the most horrible customers at all. They want everything: cheapest price, highest quality, longest payment terms, and all the time of the world to decide to do a business at all or not. Germans got so bad because all the world approaches them – believing Germans are rich so good business can be done. Scandinavia is a rich market too but not so well known in Eastern Europe, Africa, SA and Asia. The French I like also very much – contrary what you say, UK is hard I find. ,

  • Wondering if the product is easy-to-understand or some complicated? Or are they buying after weeks after re-negotiating prices? IMO customers are not easy in any business, but you should not take this personally. And for paying late, there are different models of securing their payment or making it available earlier. Which business are you in? Sounds like IT… Regards from Germany, B.

  • What I’d like to know is why about 20% of my customers don’t understand that I need an address to deliver a pizza.

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