I cry, on the inside, every morning when I think about how much further I need to go just to get to the first major milestone, yet I push on.

  • Take a day off. Force yourself to smile. Go run and build up a sweat.

    Return and review your milestones. When you are in that head space you will just push the mouse around and get nothing done. Think about the 80/20 rule. 80% of your returns should come from 20% of your output. Find away to shift stuff around from the 20/80. It won’t be instant, but if you can stand back for a bit then lean back in you will have a different perspective on things.

    Good Luck…

  • I can relate to you brother (or sister)! The mountains seems imaginably large and there’s not much oxygen in the air.

    That’s what we must take a Lean Startup approach – what is the minimal thing that can be done to test the riskiest hypothesis.

    The only worse thing about taking a long time getting to the first milestone is getting there and no-one cares!

    Read “The Startup Owner’s Manual” by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf ASAP (if you haven’t already.

    All the best!

  • been trying to launch a mobileapp, it has taken me 12 months and i am in a perpetual beta mode. i cry at least 3 times a week. hang in there. it’s part of running a startup.

    Read “the founder’s dilemmas” by noam wasserman. It will help you avoid the pitfalls of starting up your own company.

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