My cofounder is a girl … and so many of the stereotypes hold true.

  • OP: If this is the best you got, then your trolling game is weak as f__k

    Mod alert/Dana: Adversarial flame-bait like this adds zero value to this site.

  • Girls, women, females, act so…. Feminine !

    Oops, not a steriotype chromosomes and biology.

    The poster of the statement is the young male geek steriotype.

    At 53 I have employed, worked with, worked for and delt with hundreds of women. What female biology “lacks” or better yet what young male biology “overkills” in is agression. It is the job of the founder / leader to blend the team, mixing the “types” of personalities and biologies effectivley. My steriotypes of women include, loyalty, patience, finess, organization, attention to detail…..

    I will take the qualities of girls over boys every day as cofounders, coworkers or investments.


  • The funny thing about this post is that I automatically assumed that this was one girl founder posting about another girl founder.

    Either way, I don’t actually know what stereotypes this person is referring to.

    • I can’t even tell if the OP is referring to positive stereotypes or negative stereotypes. Could be “the stereotypes are true – and it’s working out very well!”

  • I was a co-founder of a well know startup, I’ve been told by one of my newly appointed ‘advisor’ that I can’t be an executive and be a woman and have a family.

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