Brought some cofounders in right away to an idea. They were sold on it! Great, let’s get to work, two of them were working full time. They were slacking, I got very bossy so I kicked them off the team. We’re still in idea mode.

  • Since you posted here, you have the benefit of doubt and am assuming you were right to kick them out.

    Since they were working full time, how much was executed and who was paying for it? What was your role in the arrangement?

    You could’ve added more resources to the team to execute faster. You can still outsource to a good dev shop, possibly near where you are to execute your idea or do a MVP which you can showcase to potential investors.

    • OP Here:

      The first guy done 1%, they provided a suggestion. The second guy did some research work on potential MVP, but always kept postponing and making excuses for not meeting or completing the work they promised to do.

      I am running on a really bootstrapped budget. Currently, I third guy who been doing work more than previous two combined. I am working on big chunks now though. I am dealing with the MVP part, setting up domains/emails, and market research. I am the original founder though.

      • Co-founders are your spouses and husbands for life.

        If the first few dates went really wrong, it’s ok to drop the relationship. Better now than few years down the road.

        That being said, take some time to examine the situation, so the problem won’t happen in the future. Did you chose wrong ? Or did you manage them wrong ?

        As a CEO, no matter what goes wrong, it’s your responsibility to make it right.

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