Bathroom in coworking spaces suck!!! Unfortunately in SF, the M/F ratio is completely off balance and nothing to accommodate the gender imbalance in the bathrooms.

    • I dunno… based on my unscientific observations, ive overheard sales calls conducted and a high level of “private time” behind the stall doors. I dunno but when I need to use the effin’ bathroom, I need to use it. Get off your phone, wake up from your nap, stop vaping in there! /rant

  • I assume the complaint is that there are more men than women, and the bathrooms / stalls / toilets available should reflect this?

    Please… just let us (women) have this one thing. The single perk of the Tech Industry’s lackluster male to female ratios is luxuriating in a completely empty bathroom. Don’t take this away from us. It’s all we’ve got.

    • This is bullshit.

      Tech is not that sexist. It’s just hyped because media gets visitors from that story and hence revenue.

      I see less female taxi drivers, plumbers, firemen, construction workers etc. Overall as a society we need to provide good working environment for women and more women should ELECT to work.

      Asking for more than required toilets is same as forcing to get a bigger diamond ring. It just makes you gives you fake importance and every self-respecting women should fight against such fake symbolic importance.

      Instead, ask for better representations in projects (easy and hard). Toilets doesn’t help you.

      • My wife works at a large tech company in product management. She is smart, prides herself on achieving results, and will work very long and late hours for her internal stakeholders and customers.

        However, the company culture is such that they employ very few women, with just one on the board of directors. The engineers with whom she works are rampantly antagonistic towards her and other women. The females they do hire tend to leave quickly.

        Her tech company is sexist, and I think that if you look around, you’ll see similar stories in companies all over tech.

  • Women hover where as men sit bare-assed and don’t give a damn. Therefore, women are much more likely to leave ruin behind them in the bathroom stall. They’ll shit on the toilet seat. Shit– ON the toilet seat

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