At a band audition being asked to whiteboard the physics formulas for my instrument’s harmonic series without playing a single note … oh, wait, no … at an interview being asked to code yet another sort algorithm. Hiring’s become completely tone-deaf.

  • Oh, wow! I guess with so many startups out there, it makes sense that inane hiring practices have infiltrated the startup world.

    • Yes, the funny this is…the mantra used to be for large companies “to act like startups”. Now, as I have personally seen with hiring practices among other things, startups now strive “to act like big companies”. Neither mantras amount to much other than a lot of moaning.

  • Talent determines success. All great companies have been built by aggregating superior human beings and keeping brainless ones away. The interview mentioned by the OP was a great success for the company.

    • Your clearly don’t code. Or enjoy being on stage while girls throw their bras towards you. Hint: the guy who plays the instrument is the superior human, not the guy who built the guitar. One involves creativity, the other involves repeating the same process, over and over.

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