Another day almost gone, another day having not completed the one major task on my list. Why can’t I motivate myself to get this done? I love accomplishment, but sometimes hate the work that goes into it.

  • Are you me???!!

    I thought I was alone 🙂

    You just need to grind it out. It’s like starting on a jog, or hill climb. The start is painful, but then you hit a second wind and you are motoring.

    Imagine it’s life or death. Which, from a start-up perspective, it may well be

    Just do it. Post here when you are finished

  • Do you have everything you need to get it done? I sometimes procrastinate when I haven’t acknowledged key stuff is missing.

    • I did have what I needed, but I hear what you’re saying. Sometimes I overthink tasks because I’m looking too far ahead. As a result, I end overwhelming myself and don’t accomplish anything.

  • Take the one thing you really enjoy to do and promise it to yourself for finishing the tasks you loathe.

    For instance, I’ll watch a movie and decompress after I reach a shit-I-hate-to-do milestone.

  • I used to hate “lists”. Used to spend my time staring at them, not getting anything done. Then I remembered “It starts with 1”. Take each item on your list and write it on a post it note. 1 item per post it. Then as you finish that item, tear it off and concentrate on the next post it. Your “list” is only ever one thing, so you don’t get bogged down or frustrated at having so much to get done that you do nothing.

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